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New production 2014

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Leave.Two.House, a new duet with Line Tørmoen and Pia Elton Hammer, will premiere in Norway September 2012.

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come againagain and a gain…and again, it might not happen..

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We drive towards the impossible – in our dreams, actions and relations. This earn towards the possible impossible, is a…

Click on the slide!'s only a rehearsal's only a rehearsal is a duet. Through a powerful, physical and dense duet we meet a man and a…

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zero visibility corp. was founded in 1996.

Since the start the dance company has been marked by Ina Christel Johannessen’s particular choreographic style.

“For me, dancing is in the mind, that is to say, it is felt, moved.
It is the thinking body that I am trying to express, or get the dancers to express.
And how does a body, a person, think?
Everything is thought, or observations: an arm that moves itself starts a thought, or was the movement started by the thought? And does the thought then trigger emotions or lead to conditions which move the body – and cause the spectator to be moved?
And how does one transfer the authenticity from the performer to the spectator/audience?
Movements to move or be moved by...”

Ina Christel Johannessen

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