37,7 was created for the official opening of Dansens Hus (Dance House Norway) on 29th of February 2008. This piece was a "prequal" to the performasnce It was November that premiered in November 2008 as the first in house co-production for Dansens Hus. The performance was based around some consistant dancers in addition to several alternating guest dancers during the period of performance.


Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen
Dancers: Line Tørmoen, Kristina Søetorp, Cecilie Lindeman Steen, Daniel Proietto, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm, Vebjørn Sundby, Pia Elton Hammer, Guro Nagelhus Schia, Dimitri Jourde
Set design/costumes: graa hverdag as
Light design: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
Music: Gultskra Artikler
Sound: Morten Pettersen
Photo: Carina Musk-Andersen, Kristin Torp


Produced by: zero visibility corp.
Production manager: Cathe Sjøblom
Supported by: Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs


Premiered 2008