Confession time. that cool and immature feeling of total honesty

Isolated from the outside world, six people take turns in confessing their secrets. With nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, they apparently expose more and more of their hidden selves. But as a disclosure has become a media phenomenon, it isn’t easy to tell how little is being revealed and what awful secrets remain concealed.


Like Big Brother meets Forced Entertainment, Confession time is as unsettling as it is engaging. We are drawn into its fragmented narratives and sublime, revealing dance sequences, yet can never be certain about the truth of the confessions, nor the relationships of the individuals.


Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen
Dancers: Marianne Albers, Line Tørmoen, Cecilie Lindeman Steen, Ludde Hagberg, Terje Tjøme Mossige, Staffan Eek
Set and light design: Jens Sethzman
Music: :zoviet*france:
Text: Amok Journal, Kjell Askildsen, Finn Iunker, Philip K. Dick, Franz Kafka, Fjodor Dostojevskij, Ernst Jünger, Rem Koolhaas, Robert Smithson
Photo: Erik Berg
Produced by: zero visibility corp.
Production manager: Cathe Sjøblom
Co-producers: Fabrik Potsdam (Germany), Moderna Dansteatern (Sweden), Tramway (Scotland)
Supported by: Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs


Premiered 2001