...it's only a rehearsal

Through a powerful, physical and dense duet we meet a man and a woman,- a couple, lovers, two people. It is in the physical expression the relation between them is unveiled to us,- not through scenes or performative elements. Is it the antique myth we are watching? Acteaon sees Artemis naked, after which she punishes him by transforming him to a stag, which is then killed by his own hounds. How do we reward or punish those who achieve to see our nudity.


Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen
Dancers: Line Tørmoen, Dimitri Jourde
Set and light design: Jens Sethzman
Music: Murcof
Text: Ovid
Produced by: zero visibility corp.
Production manager: Cathe Sjøblom
Photo: Erik Berg
Supported by: Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs


Premiered 2003