The terror of identification

Four outstanding female dancers give you the doubtful pleasure of observing their journey through a variety of transformations. The yearning for knowledge and wisdom, but at the same time the fear of it.


zero visibility corp. draws inspiration from the drama and emotion of ancient mythology. Through the sensual energy and athletic character of the choreography, the audience perception is challenged both physically and intellectually.


The Terror of Identification is inspired by Ovids ”Books of transformations”. Most of the stories end with the changing of humans or gods into for instance animals or flowers. When Johannessen engages the rich material, she does in no way shame the tradition. With her presise agitation and taming of wild animals, (read: dancers), she fortifies her position as a leading norwegian choreographer.
Taking your eyes off Line Tørmoen is nearly impossible, she never danced better. Yet, it is recommended, as the other three dancers also give so much. The secrets behind high shoulders, uneasy hands, drooling mouths, great love and polished nails (!) is disclosed with honor to the diversity of the life of women….…The three Charites, the gracious helpers of the godesses, surrender to seven women anno 2004.
- Verdens gang 2004


Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen
Dancers: Line Tørmoen, Cilla Olsen, Kristianne Mo, Cecilie Lindeman Steen
Set design, costumes: graa hverdag as / Kristin Torp
Light design: Ellen Rugen
Sound design: Morten Pettersen
Music: Murcof, Colleen, Pan Sonic, Chris Clark
Photo: Erik Berg
Produced by: zero visibility corp.
Production manager: Cathe Sjøblom

Co-producers: Dansens Hus (Norway), BIT Teatergarasjen (Norway), Dansens Hus (Sweden)
Supported by: Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs


Premiered 2004