Thief – After – Clip 0 (zero)

Thief – After – Clip 0 (zero) is a grand performance for only two female dancers, apart from the 30 stuffed crows sitting on a roost. They look at us, alive but dead.


The mighty space is outside and inside at the same time, nature has forced and twisted itself into the room and the mountain is coming up through the floor.


But nature is also lifeless and deprived… We find ourselves subsequent to something… what lies prior to what we see?


Who is the thief?


As a poetic, dark absurd interplay between two women who can also be one, the performance illustrates our complex actions. We are both nature and intellect, we create, and we consume and destroy. In a dark rom of faith, the incredible physicality of dance shows us the power that is in our bodies and in our existence. In the end, almost in the dark, the naked backs insist on breath, force and life.


Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen 
 Line Tørmoen, Pia Elton Hammer 
Set design, costumes:
 graa hverdag as 
Light design:
 Kyrre Heldal Karlsen 
 elegi and svarte greiner 
Sound design: 
Morten Pettersen 
International manager: 
Lene Bang / vonpang 
Production manager: 
Cathe Sjøblom 
Technical management:
 Kyrre Heldal Karlsen 
Communication manager:
 Cecilie Lindeman Steen 


Produced by: zero visibility corp. 
 Erik Berg 
 Kulturarena Bærum (Norway), Théâtre Silvia Monfort, Paris (France), la TANNERIE, Barjols (France), fabrik Potsdam (Germany) 
Support by: Arts Council Norway


Premiered 2009