Premiere 7th September 2017 at The Arctic Theatre, Tromsø (Norway)

Teaser from "Work-in-Progress", Dansens Hus Oslo, June 2017.

Film by Yaniv Cohen

Photos by Antero Hein



Deep inside the Global Seed Vault at Svalbard, in the dark and cold, the source of life and possible new beginnings are being kept. Here the world stores it´s future.

This scenario forms the backdrop of a new creation by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. The cast of 7 beautiful dancers give Frozen Songs a unique and powerful physicality, combined with poetic and often theatrical elements. With the combination of the scenographic elements, multi -media, light design and composed music this performance will create an experience out of the ordinary. Born out of the exciting encounter between international and Norwegian artists, this performance offers a unique experience which brings forth the most vital theme of today; the survival of our species. 

Director and choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen

Music: Stray Dogs (BE)

Stage design: Kristin Torp/Graa Hverdag AS (NO)

Costumes: Kathrine Tollo/Kunststoff AS (NO)

Multimedia Artists: Feng Jiangzhou, Zhang Lin  / Sifenlv New Media (CHN)

Light design: Nico Benz (NO)

Dancers: Line Tørmoen(NO), Pia Elton Hammer(NO), Ole Kristian Tangen (NO), Valtteri Raekallio (FIN) Daniel Whiley (UK), Fan Luo (CHN), Anton Borgstrøm (SE).

Original Idea: Inger Buresund, Artistic Director,The Arctic Theatre

Frozen Songs is produced by Zero Visibility Corp., The Arctic Theatre and Ibsen International and co-produced by Dansens Hus, (Oslo), Le Briqueterie (Paris), Arts Printing House (Vilnius).