Who Told You this Room Exists? is the first part of Ina Christels upcoming trilogy which thematically builds on the following three headlines: Decay/Desire, Disaster/Tragedy, Abandonment/Loss. The creation of the three pieces will be developed through a fusion of associations and references, intertwined with the underlying theme, and choices in terms of dramaturgy and form.

In this first piece Decay/Desire will be the foundation of Ina Christels examination of various rooms; actual physical rooms, but also social rooms and private and internal rooms. What happens when our private actions are transferred into a public space?

What defines a room, and what consequences occur when borders and boundaries are moved or torn down?

Four people in constant search of space. What are the rules, and who, or what, defines what rules apply?

In the making of this intimate chamber play, Ina Christel has chosen a framing of the relations between the 4 characters; Being siblings, their actions create a certain underlying dynamic which opens up to numerous ways of interpretation.

Who Told You This Room Exists? is a piece with a physical expression of detail and distinction, accompanied by experimental electronic music by Mika Vainio.      


Choreography: Ina Christel Johannessen

Dancers: Jim De Block, Anton Borgström Ole Kristian Tangen, Line Tørmoen

Light design: Chrisander Brun

Visual concept: Ina Christel Johannessen 

Music: Mika Vainio

Film: Jim de Block 

Photo: Chrisander Brun /Tale K. Hendnes

Production manager: Kirsti Ulvestad

Produced by: Zero Visibility Corp.

Co-produced by: Danses Hus (Oslo), Le Briqueterie (Paris).

Zero Visibility Corp is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council (Norsk Kulturråd).