IL LUNEDI (Monday)

Photo: Monia Pavoni

Photo: Monia Pavoni

A site-spesific creation with 11 PERFORMERS AT LEOPOLDA, FLORENCE

Monday can mean different things.

It can be Monday blues, when everything went wrong,

Or the day after a disaster,

Or the day with possibilities, the start, beginning, when you can change everything.

Ina Christel Johannessen


This  46 minute piece was created on site specific in Alcatraz, a part of Leopolda for 2 zero visibility dancers and 9 Italian dancers.

Ina was invited to make a creation for the opening of the festival Fabbrica Europa 2019 at Leopolda which is a huge old abandoned railway station in the center of Florence. And Zero visibility agreed to start a co-production and a pre-work for the 2020 premier WHEN MONDAY CAME.

When Maurizia asked me if I could come and do a duet, a trio, or perhaps a workshop for Italian dancers - and then choose a few persons to continue,-   I said “Yes”. Because I really love Leopolda. My company have performed there twice in earlier years during the Fabbrica Europa festival. I just wanted to come back and do “something”.

“Can you do something site specific?” “Yes ,I can try…”

And the result is Il lunedi.

I chose 9 Italian dancers who performed together with 2 dancers from zero visibility, and our focus was to try to make an atmosphere of possibilities, searching for a starting point ….by using the group of dancers like a tide, washing the shore again and again, and each speaking their own personal language, from the body and mind – the thinking body.


Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen
Line Tørmoen, Anton Borgström Participants: Giulia Gilera, Elena Zagaroli, Agnese Gabrielli, Gianmaria Girotto
con interventi di: Alessandra Cozzi, Camilla Neri, Livia Bartolucci, Niccolò Giorgini, Pablo Ezequel Rizzo
Costume: Loretta Mugnai
Paolo Pollo Rodighero Sound design: Spartaco Cortesi
Sound technique:
Tempo Reale
Produced by:
Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Compagnia Xe



Photo: Monia Pavoni / Marco Caselli